What is One Last Wish?

One Last Wish is a modern day zine — an email newsletter. It’s a musical love letter to my past, present, and future self. Back in the 90s I was into making zines about the hardcore music scene. Today, email newsletters are filling that void. I’d love to do all that again, so here we are…

Once a month, I will share a story about an album or band that changed my life, a playlist of what I am currently listening to, and some of my favorite new releases.

The original One Last Wish newsletter was on Substack – that was fine for newsletters, but it was limiting in terms of what I really wanted to do with the site. So I spent a little time integrating the newsletter into my main site EndOnEnd.org.

The new site will still deliver the monthly newsletter, however it also gives me more flexibility in terms of additional stories and content I can post… like:

  • Weekly new release recommendations
  • Interviews
  • Side stories and photo galleries (I’ve taken a lot of band photos)

The other big change is I am now offering a way to help offset the costs of hosting the site: tips through PayPal or CashApp your support is greatly appreciated!

Perks of Being a Supporter

I’d love to offer some real world perks for supporters: I’m thinking record giveaways and other music-related perks over the course of the year. For now, I’m setting a goal of 50 supporters to start offering those perks and will ramp them up further with each additional 50 tips. Stay tuned for more info on that!

In the mean time, I encourage you to subscribe in order to get the regular issues delivered to your inbox.

I sincerely thank you for reading and paying attention to my little project.

Latest Issues

The latest issues of One Last Wish can be found below: