The NFL Draft, the Bills, and the QB class

It's finally NFL draft week! Buffalo sports radio has been talking about this Thursday for months now, so I'm glad we're finally to the draft. Now the team just needs to find the franchise QB! Nothing hard about that...

The Ringer posted a good conversation on the upcoming QB class, where they looked at the class and tried to separate reality from the hype.

My Bills preferences match up with their general consensus:

  1. Josh Rosen
  2. Baker Mayfield
  3. Sam Darnold
  4. Lamar Jackson
  5. Josh Allen
  6. Mason Rudolph

The only QB I am OK with the team spending a ton of draft capital to jump into the top 3 for is Josh Rosen. I highly doubt Darnold will last pass three. Mayfield I'd be OK with them jumping into the slots 5 to 7. Otherwise, I would hold at 12 for Jackson and fill other needs with our picks.

Thursday can't come soon enough.

Zoey’s squirt hockey team won their first game last night! Super fun to watch the team play so well and enjoy their hard work after 18 tough games. Zoey just missed two goals and played aggressively all game. So proud!

Concussions and the NFL

Yesterday, the Intercept posted The Film the NFL Doesn’t Want You to See, a clip reel of the 281 reported concussions from the current NFL season. If you are a fan of the NFL, it's a must read/watch.

It’s not a headache. It’s not “getting your bell rung.” You don’t have a bell. It’s a traumatic brain injury. Every single concussion is a new traumatic brain injury.

The segment of Tom Savage from the Houston Texans (at around 3:17) haunts me.

Manti Te'o and Inspiration Stories

"This is what happens when you report on sports as if they are some sort of metaphor for life, or that athletes are somehow more “inspirational” than regular people." - Will Leitch

The fact is, this story exists because sports media wanted it to exist: It’s exactly the sort of easy, “inspiration” narrative that Notre Dame has specialized in for decades. But this isn’t a Notre Dame story; this is what happens when you report on sports as if they are some sort of metaphor for life, or that athletes are somehow more “inspirational” than regular people.

via The media scrambles to backtrack on Manti Te'o. | : Will Leitch Article.

Two days, two posts that build off Will Leitch quotes? Yes!

Even though I am a sports fan, I still get frustrated with most of the stuff beyond the playing field. Whether it's the athletes-as-role-models-by-default mentality, or how quickly we lift them up even further (or tear them down with relentless speed) when they do the smallest things, or how easily they get off (comparatively) when they do really horrendous things.

For me, it takes away from the game and competition... and at its simplest it comes down to the same concept as yesterday's post: money, popularity, and "shininess" distract us from what's truly important. We then feel obligated to pay attention, in some way or another, simply because of those factors.

How about we treat everyone with the same basic level of respect, reverence, forgiveness, empathy (etc, etc) to start and then adjust, versus automatically assigning them roles and importance? (For good or bad.) Seems simpler and a lot less dramatic, at least.