My Music Diet: Five New(ish) Releases

Here are five of my favorite albums from the last month or so:

Yuno - Moodie EP (Sub Pop Records)
From his Apple Music profile: "Yuno blends surf pop, synth pop, and R&B into smooth yet distinctive songs."

Translation: catchy summer jams. So good -- hope there is more on the way soon.

Snail Mail - Lush (Matador Records)
The debut full-length from Lindsey Jordan is SO good. Can't get enough. Highlights are Pristine and Heat Wave.

Soccer Mommy - Clean (Fat Possum Records)
Best description I have is a combination of Liz Phair, Snail Mail, and Japanese Breakfast -- which means awesome in my book.

Joey Bada$$ - 1999
The re-released version of his 2012 mixtape & debut. So talented and fresh, even 6 years later.

The Carters - Everything is Love
A surprise release from the super duo. Bey shines here for me, but Jay is no slouch. All you would expect from them and more. Check it!

Still reeling from the news on Scott Hutchison. Hope he turns up safe. Such a big part of my life with music and getting through tough times.

Picked up this Fender Squier Bullet Telecaster today. Plays great and feels super solid for the price. I sold my guitar and amp when the twins were born and have missed playing music and the creative outlet.