Apple Music users: get yourself a account and a sweet iOS music app like Marvis or Soor to track your listening next year and you too can have reports galore.

Here is a sampling of quality songs from today’s record releases:

  1. “Tryin’ to Reach Ya” by Generationals
  2. “Leap Year” by Heart Attack Man
  3. “Ben Franklin” by Snail Mail
  4. “Cocoa Beach” by MUNYA
  5. “Many Times” by Dijon
  6. “Terrified” by Penelope Isles
  7. “Taking Time to Tell You” by Chime School
  8. “This Side of the Sun” by Shame
  9. “Happy People” by Greer
  10. “Certified Fool” by Frances Forever
  11. “Make a Dime” by Webbed Wing
  12. “Follow Me Around” by Radiohead

Give it a listen on Apple Music!

Yesterday evening started out with a road-trip to see Kenmore girls field hockey take on Barker. Then to Mohawk Place to see Hop Along. Long day, but fun!

Seeing Wilco for the third time triggered a listening binge. Picked up the deluxe re-issue of Being There today at Revolver Records.

I went a little crazy with the 1992 playlist in preparation for the next issue of One Last Wish. So many good albums came out that year. 91 songs so far and I don’t think I got everything!

Added a few new slabs of vinyl to my collection:

  • Soft Sounds from Another Planet by Japanese Breakfast (Listen)
  • Songs of Praise by Shame (Listen)
  • Brutalism by IDLES (Listen)
  • Fleet Foxes by Fleet Foxes (Listen)

Most important, my daughter bought her first record: the Prom Queen EP (Listen) from Beach Bunny. Someone will be getting a turntable for the birthday in May. 🙂

File this in the “surprised I didn’t pay more attention to this band” category: Small Brown Bike

So good.

I love this idea from [Merlin Mann and Do By Friday]( the “Follow Your Nose” playlist…

1. Pick a song you love and start a playlist
2. Go to the artist’s page and view the Related Artists/Fans Also Like section — then pick a group you aren’t familiar with…
3. Go to their page and start listening to their top songs & add one you like to your playlist.
4. Repeat 2 and 3 from that artist page, building out your playlist until you are bored or hit an artist where you can’t do #2.

Almost like a choose your own music musical adventure. So much fun!

Here’s my first attempt: