My favorite Apple Music change for iOS 12: the 'For You - New Releases' page is now separated by week and you can scroll back in time to see what you missed.

Loving the NBA playoffs this year. Rooting for the Jazz and 76ers. Probably the Raptors too since TO is so close.

Learning how to hide and still be found

Learning how to hide and still be found…d-still-be-found/

Today Austin Kleon posted about the challenge of balancing connection and disconnection in order to stay sane in today's hyper connected world.

For me, that’s what this year has been about: Learning how to hide and still be found. How to stay connected overall, but how to disconnect in crucial ways that allow me to recover some calm, some privacy, some inner sense of self, so that I can make great things to share. Because if you don’t hide, at least a little bit, it’s hard to make something worth being found.

I've been slowly disconnecting from (or at least connecting less to) Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, while still allowing myself to be found here on my blog and by extension, In a way it's nice to have a central location on the web for my interests, but I also worry that friends rely so much on the major platforms, that I will lose those connections over time. I guess that's where real life comes in!

Source: How to hide and still be found - Austin Kleon

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Re-visiting RSS

Reading The Case for RSS on MacSparky today, I can't help but agree.

For several years now, the trend among geeks has been to abandon the RSS format.

I abandoned it -- mainly for the allure of Twitter, like everyone else. A couple months ago I re-installed my favorite RSS reader and started up small, building subscriptions again. It was seriously refreshing to come to the end of my article list and be done. No notification of 100 posts in the time it took to read through a portion of my timeline. No infinite queue of posts. No fear of missing something. It was great.

Now my "news habit" is a combination of RSS, where I keep my (mainly) high signal-to-noise subscriptions. Then Apple News for the "information overload" subscriptions. Apple News does a pretty good job surfacing the important stuff in my 'For You' feed -- I very rarely venture directly into subscriptions. I typically only need to spend 5-15 minutes in the app and very rarely miss any story that comes up in real-life conversation.

Not sure if it's related or not, but over this same time I've become less interested in Twitter too. There are plenty of reasons to be done with Twitter, but I feel like removing the reliance on the site for news has definitely helped me the most -- at the very least it has curbed the need to open Twitterrific. My next step is to purge the accounts I follow on Twitter, to see if I can get any value out of the site. We'll see.

No oppression in the last 100 years

Last weekend Mike Ditka dropped a hot take on the NFL player protests — one that I’ve seen many (generally older white) Americans make recently:

There has been no oppression in the last 100 years that I know of."

It’s 2017, willful ignorance is not an excuse. The internet exists, books exist, documentaries exist, podcasts exist, etc… there’s plenty of opportunity (that doesn’t even require you to actually talk to a person of color - imagine that) to learn and listen.

There’s no excuse to not do the work if you don’t understand what the fuck a large group of people are angry about — beyond a lack of empathy or, at worst, a lot of racism.

The insane part is most of these older, white Americans lived through the Civil Rights Movement. That alone is less than 100 years old — by a lot.

If you find yourself flummoxed by these protests, I’ll help you get started with a quick thirty minutes of work to find some resources (and there are SO many more) for you:





Bottom line, do some work to try to figure out what the issues are… no assumptions, no more “hey Black America, pull up your bootstraps and work harder — anything is possible in America, if you do this list of 10 things that work for white people” posts.

Why is economic and cultural anxiety an OK excuse for white America to elect an incompetent, narcissistic, racist liar and sexual predator (OR) an OK excuse for Nazis and the “alt-right” and the Confederate flag, but systemic injustice not an OK reason for black NFL players to kneel in protest? Where are the “hey, stop being so angry — pull up your bootstraps and work harder - anything is possible in America” posts for poor white Americans caught in a changing economy?