Record Store Day pick ups!

First night of indoor soccer. All on the same team!

Zoey was so excited to get her braces off today!

Picked up another all-time fave: Ctrl by SZA

The Mrs. and I saw Rent for the first time today. The second act was top notch!

Just another Friday night selling Girl Scout cookies. Thankful it’s the last weekend for another year.

Got my copy of 3 Feet High and Rising today. So amazing! Transported back to my early teenage years when it first came out — the whole album has held up very well. 🎵

Today’s pickup: Broken Social Scene. One of my all-time favorites.

First time record shopping in probably 15 years! Picked up Sharon Van Etten and Fugazi, two of my faves.

Second to last skate of the season.

Saw Angela Davis at UB tonight. So smart and thought provoking.

Trying to stay warm today.

The Mrs. and I took a glass blowing class last night at The Foundry. So much fun!

Earth Crisis at Kendzies in Lockport. Probably 1996.

H2O at Blind Mellon’s in 1996-ish: think they opened for Sick of it All. So good!

Hot Water Music: Cleveland Hardcore Fest ‘95. Blew me away.

Head over to @noechodotnet today to see a collection of my photos from the 90s hardcore scene. (Pictured: Autumn at Lost Horizon in Syracuse)

Hoover Middle School’s production of Alice in Wonderland. Last performance is today at 1pm!

Another fave from the 90s: Mineral at the Detroit Hardcore Fest (1996?)

Yeah Amherst Girls! Zoey in the gray helmet along the wall with her team. They got to skate during a recent Beauts game. 🏒

Shift - Showplace Theatre in the late 90s

Browsing the photo box: @itinerantprinter and I, high school graduation 1994.

Chet enjoying today’s sun.

Today and tomorrow: Blizzard warning and -20s wind chill. Next week: 50s. Totally normal Buffalo winter.

Celebrated the first half of the school year by taking the kids to 5 Wits for an escape room and then Dave & Busters for dinner and games. So fun!

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