Awesome family hike today! So beautiful out.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Awesome Chadwick Boseman tribute in Jingle Jangle on Netflix.

Without saying your age, post 4 albums that came out when your were 14.

Poor puppers is tired and sore from dental surgery yesterday.

Lap puppers

Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for a low key day, a delish and easy meal, and most importantly: getting to hang out with four intelligent, funny, beautiful ladies every day. Hope you all had a great day.

Pumpkin carving complete.

Voting early for the first time ever.

Weekend getaway to Allegany State Park

Some puppy is tired this AM. Some owner is too. 😴

A Day in the Life - Buffalo, NY - 6:20pm ET

Amherst Girls Hockey practice.

Enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend. First hike with Watson!

Two buddies

Finally best buds

Someone is comfortable in his new house. 🥰

Meet our new puppers, Watson

Pigs and pug

Some photos from our camping trip to the Adirondacks.

Family getaway today!

RIP Laverne. You will be missed. Such a sweet pig. 😞

Trip to Stony Brook and Watkins Glen



Local educators urge their peers to be actively anti-racist -

The kids and I accompanied my wife to the educators rally in downtown Buffalo this evening. Super inspiring. Glad the kids got to see it!

Great Father’s Day weekend at Evangola State Park.

That time when a beekeeper shows up in your neighborhood to collect a bee swarm.