Dear Reps. Jacobs, Malliotakis, Stefanik, and Zeldin —

As a citizen of the United States and New York state, I am writing to you today to voice my disgust with your actions that have propped up the lies and misinformation from Donald Trump and encouraged the insurrection that occurred yesterday in Washington D.C. by his supporters.

The alternate reality and absolute delusion Trump supporters live within is astounding. You four have helped reinforce that delusion. You should be ashamed of yourself and I look forward to your expulsion from Congress for sedition.

The results of the 2020 Presidential election are clear and not even close. Any suggestion otherwise is dangerous, as we saw yesterday. Ask yourself, which option is more likely to be true?

A) the loser of the 2020 election is the person that:

* lost the 2016 popular vote by 2.89 million votes to a historically unpopular opponent
* only won the 2016 electoral college due to some 76k votes in 3 states (MI, PA, WI) that were solidly Democrat for the previous 30+ years of Presidential elections
* oversaw mass death and economic collapse in 2020 due to the pandemic — in his re-election year
* stoked division through lies and conspiracy for the last 5+ years
* was a historically unpopular President


B.) Somehow, as Trump suggests, all of these states coordinated massive voter fraud to just eke out wins in a couple states (most of which returned to their historical Democrat voting patterns) but very large leads in others, totaling a 7+ million vote lead in the popular vote and the exact opposite electoral college result?

Can you in good faith and logic really stand behind option B? Every single state certified their election results. The states that did do audits or recounts found very little change from the initial counts, if any at all — and no amount of change that would impact the outcome of this election. The court cases brought forth by the Trump campaign were laughed out of court for lack of standing and evidence. There’s no debate. At all.

If you somehow are conflating the outcome of the 2020 election with issues you may have with how states execute elections in the future, then this is certainly not the path to choose. The only thing you’ve accomplished is confusion, distrust, and anger… and false hope that the election would be overturned. That is a great disservice to this country and our future. Once again, you should be ashamed.

If you want to “fix” elections, I look forward to full Republican support for a voting rights act that gives every citizen of age the ability, ease, and access to vote securely in every election. No one should have to stand in line for hours to vote or risk their life or livelihood to exercise this right.

In closing, I truly hope you see the error in your choice yesterday and do the honorable thing and resign, as you have failed this state and country.

Thoughts and prayers,


I am a patient boy.

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