[ending the charade – Fredrik deBoer](https://fredrikdeboer.com/2020/07/07/ending-the-charade/) →

> So how can someone object to an endorsement of free speech and open debate without being opposed to those things in and of themselves? You can’t. And people are objecting to it because social justice politics are plainly opposed to free speech. That is the most obvious political fact imaginable today.

Pretty sure no one is against your *ability* to say things, just that there **are** consequences for saying things (an even more obvious fact) and that, holy shit, people are **finally** being held to account for the racist, misogynist, hateful stuff they say (and do) and if enough people feel that way, maybe you _finally_ feel the repercussions. If you feel that forces you to censor yourself or limits your free speech, that is on you. There are plenty of soapboxes for you to spout your bullshit.


I am a patient boy.

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