I’m pleased to announce a new project I am launching with a few long-time music loving friends: [7-Day Music Club](https://www.7daymusic.club/).

The premise: we feel that the current digital age of music has not only damaged the album as a collection of songs, but our relationship to it and the artist. That feeling of holding the album in hand, pouring over the lyric sheets and inserts, and repeated/focused listens — are all a thing of the past for many people.

Our plan: 7-Day Music Club is a community that will celebrate albums as a social, shared experience through focused listening and storytelling. Each week we will focus on one crucial album from our collection to encourage a deep, 7-day focused listening session and conversation.

Our full site — including a blog, newsletter, and message board — will launch in early May. [Visit today to sign up for our newsletter](https://www.7daymusic.club/) and be notified when we launch!


I am a patient boy.

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