Some of my favorite moments from 2018.

2018 Faves

Some highlights: visiting Hogwarts at Universal Studios, marching in the Pride Parade, Kendrick Lamar, Melisa completing here NY Master Teacher fellowship, Letchworth for Father’s Day, Stella and Zoey’s surprise selfies on my phone, kayaking and hiking in the Adirondacks, Band of Horses, back to school, WNY Llamafest, visiting family in NYC, impromptu dance parties…

So many more that weren’t captured on purpose.

2018 has been challenging in many ways and is ending on a very somber note, so it was helpful to look back and see reminders of all the good times we did have this year.

Best wishes to all in 2019! Here’s to a new year of staying positive in the moment, full of empathy, love, and patience.


I am a patient boy.

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