If I were the Democrat leadership in the House, my plan would be to come out the gate fast and pass as much legislation as possible:

* fix the ACA or better yet, pass a medicare-for-all plan with all the details on how to pay for it
* pass reasonable gun control legislation
* pass a voting modernization act to promote encourage all to vote & make it easier to vote (“We want to hear **everyone’s** voice.”)
* pass a plan to help with inequality/the coming change in jobs due to automation/AI
* pass immigration reform
* etc. etc. etc (So many possibilities.)

Basically touch every issue you want to use as a focus for 2020.

Set the talking points for the next two years and force the Senate and Trump to react… to say No.

No more reactionary politics. No more letting the other side dictate what the Democrats stand for — show the country actual policy and leadership.

Then send Barack and Beto on a countrywide tour to sell it to the country. They would draw MASSIVE crowds.

Do I have faith they will do this or come close? Nope.

One can dream.


I am a patient boy.

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