As I mentioned in my last Relic Scout post, I am going to document my progress with launching new features on the site.

Today I tackled some design decisions related to the “Hit List,” which is a new view we are adding to Relic Scout. This view will include (to start) all graded comic book auctions ending in the next 24 hours that have at least 1 bid.

In addition, we will be adding Relic Scout information & tools like:

  • a link to other listings for the specific issue
  • historical sales & price trends
  • a deal score rating which gives a simpler metric to judge the current auction price versus historical trends
  • the ability to bookmark individual listings for later

Here’s the latest mockup of what we’re going for:

Hit List

I took a couple cues from RSS reeders (stars and ‘mark all as viewed’) as I thought those were useful tools to deal with large amounts of constantly refreshing information.

One element I need to work on is the ‘deal score’ area. I want to find a way to surface small amounts of useful historical pricing information, something along the lines of 7-day, 30-day, and all-time prices maybe? Modal or tooltip is the obvious answer, though I want them to work well for mobile users.

We could also add global user-level settings for grading service, grade range, and deal score minimum, which could be useful for these types of pages.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated – especially from comic book collectors and frequent eBay users.

In my next post I’ll share the final design mockup and then, later, I’ll share a link to the live page on


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