I’ve been working on [this song](https://soundcloud.com/user-454803970/maybe-you-dont-version-2) for the last couple months. I recently made some improvements over [version one](https://www.endonend.org/2018/06/22/rough-draft-of.html) and posted them to Soundcloud. Inspired by my love of 90’s indie rock. (Embed available on my

Tough group finals loss for the Lady Stars. The most tight knit group of girls, so they had a blast regardless.

Great tournament for the Lady Stars! A record of 1-1-1 in the round robin to get them into the finals of the consolation bracket tomorrow. Zoey scored her first goal of season too.

Yesterday evening started out with a road-trip to see Kenmore girls field hockey take on Barker. Then to Mohawk Place to see Hop Along. Long day, but fun!



I am a patient boy.

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