how change happens – Snakes and Ladders:

It’s too late to avert Trump, of course. But we damn well better be asking ourselves what else is happening gradually that will spring upon us with shocking suddenness if we don’t develop more temporal bandwidth and personal density. And do it now.

@ayjay hits the nail on the head: Trump is a master of distraction and media manipulation. This draws our attention away from the slow change building up behind the scenes.

At the current rate, you’d think the Trump trajectory is heading for a crash at some point – either legally or accumulating so much baggage (he’s well past the previous standard) that he can’t get re-elected. What I worry about most with the current political & media landscape is all of the non-tweet-of-the-day stuff that will impact our country for many years to come.

The massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations that will continue to erode our social safety net; the de-regulation that will not only hurt the environment and speed up climate change, but create for a boom/bust economy that only impacts the 1% when it booms and the 99% when it goes bust; the continued attack on public education; and the normalization of racism, white supremacy, and vile behavior by amplifying what was a quiet (though just as hateful and despicable) minority. And so much more.

I can only hope we develop more temporal bandwidth before it’s too late.


I am a patient boy.

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