In an effort to hold myself more accountable to making progress on Relic Scout, I am going to start blogging about the changes we’re making to the site.

Taking a step back, Relic Scout is a project I’ve been working on for the last couple years with a couple of friends. Our goal is to make Relic Scout the ultimate tool to track down the graded comics on your want list. (Eventually we hope to open up to ungraded comics and even other collectibles like sports cards and coins.)

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

First up, I am tackling a new(ish) unlisted page that we’re hoping to launch in the near future. Internally we’re calling it the “Hit List”, as it’s a view of graded comic auctions ending in the next 24 hours. Based simply on that description, it sounds like a saved search on eBay. Where we hope to add value is by providing useful, relevant information to inform your buying decision.

What’s in the works:

  • Surfacing the historical data we have on the specific issue and grade combination: number of sales, price trend, etc.
  • Developing some kind of deal score that takes all that data and provides an easy to understand metric to quickly decide if an issue is worth pursuing.
  • A new listing UI
  • Adding a history view to our current issue layout

Once complete, we think this new listing view will provide an awesome buying interface for comic collectors looking to pick up underpriced graded books to flip or even hold for speculation. The additions we’re making will also improve the issue page, which helps those users who prefer to target specific issues.

In the next post, I will dive into the listing UI. Stay tuned!


I am a patient boy.

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