Patrick Rhone shared a great story On Accepting Defaults:

The truth is, this is not just about our living spaces but the many, many, areas of life where we simply accept the defaults we’re given. There are many things we do just because that’s the way they’re done or that’s what others expect or that’s what they called this. We never stop to question and decide if this fits us and how we live.

I love this.

I believe this is the key to making big changes in your life and it’s not just for society’s norms, it can be applied to your own operating system and the defaults given to you as you grow up. Along the way you collect baggage (not only your own, but family history, societal, etc) and ways of operating that may seem normal and not problematic — but in many ways they can hold you back. Unfortunately, it’s usually an unexpected crisis that alerts you to these problems. The key to growing as a person, in my experience, is taking those defaults and throwing them out. Build the life you want, not the life you have been taught.


I am a patient boy.

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