It’s finally NFL draft week! Buffalo sports radio has been talking about this Thursday for months now, so I’m glad we’re finally to the draft. Now the team just needs to find the franchise QB! Nothing hard about that

The Ringer posted a good conversation on the upcoming QB class, where they looked at the class and tried to separate reality from the hype.


My Bills preferences match up with their general consensus:

  1. Josh Rosen
  2. Baker Mayfield
  3. Sam Darnold
  4. Lamar Jackson
  5. Josh Allen
  6. Mason Rudolph

The only QB I am OK with the team spending a ton of draft capital to jump into the top 3 for is Josh Rosen. I highly doubt Darnold will last pass three. Mayfield I’d be OK with them jumping into the slots 5 to 7. Otherwise, I would hold at 12 for Jackson and fill other needs with our picks.

Thursday can’t come soon enough.


I am a patient boy.

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