Too Much Music: A Failed Experiment In Dedicated Listening : The Record : NPR

The diluvial nature of modern media leaves us little time to pause. The challenge, then, is to cultivate the patience and the discipline necessary to engage more deeply than the modern world allows. Just because we are flooded doesn’t mean we have to drown.

I was thinking about this subject the other day as I rushed through browsing the week’s new releases of bands I’ve never (or vaguely) heard of before. Judging each by 15 seconds or so of listening. Those that passed the test got saved to my library and (most likely) never given a full listen.

It’s frustrating because I, like the NPR writer, poured over my record/cassette/CD collection growing up — the artwork, packaging, and reading lyrics. It was crucial to the experience.

Picking new music then, for me, was a matter of record label or what ex members of some other band I liked were in the band. It involved a monetary commitment too and way more than 15 seconds.

As someone with varied and eclectic tastes, I do like the idea of having so much music available though. It allows me to listen to any type of music as the mood strikes. However, the struggle to deal with and manage it all feels so overwhelming sometimes.

I have been getting better and deleting stuff out of my Apple Music library but there are still way more hours of music than I could possibly listen to in the rest of my life. Maybe I should spend more time pruning? No idea.

Anyone have tips/tricks on how to manage this?


I am a patient boy.

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