Brent Simmons has some great thoughts and recommendations of standards-based software/platforms for connecting on the web outside of the big platforms.

The great social network is, or ought to be, the web itself.

The unruly web — unregulated and uncontrolled — is, perhaps paradoxically, the easiest place to limit hate. Not because we can stop people from publishing, but because we don’t have to live by Dorsey’s and Zuckerberg’s rules and designs.

And this gets me most excited:

The period from 1995-2008 (roughly speaking) was fun. It seemed like everybody was coming up with new things, and people were experimenting, and we were finding new joys in new connections, both human and technological.

Yes it was! Let’s work to make it that way again. My online world will flow entirely through — feel free to give me a follow: RSS, JSON, or


I am a patient boy.

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