Today, Vox posted Mapping the imaginary lines we use to segregate our schools, an excellent article and tool to look at the state of school segregation in the United States. It’s generally not good.

From the data & tool, our district (Kenmore-Tonawanda) unfortunately re-creates the current neighborhood segregation:

In America, there is already a massive amount of residential segregation, shaped by a long history of racist government policies. This is why everyone going to the nearest school perpetuates very segregated classrooms.

Two of the elementary schools included in the data closed due to consolidation since the findings were reported, but I can’t imagine things are much different with the new district lines.

For the United States overall, the percentage of black students who attend schools that are at least 50% white has rapidly decreased since the late 80s, to a level not seen since the late 60s. We’re literally going back in time — pretty disheartening.

Worth a read and looking at your area’s school districts.


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