Last weekend Mike Ditka dropped a hot take on the NFL player protests — one that I’ve seen many (generally older white) Americans make recently:

There has been no oppression in the last 100 years that I know of.”

It’s 2017, willful ignorance is not an excuse. The internet exists, books exist, documentaries exist, podcasts exist, etc… there’s plenty of opportunity (that doesn’t even require you to actually talk to a person of color – imagine that) to learn and listen.

There’s no excuse to not do the work if you don’t understand what the fuck a large group of people are angry about — beyond a lack of empathy or, at worst, a lot of racism.

The insane part is most of these older, white Americans lived through the Civil Rights Movement. That alone is less than 100 years old — by a lot.

If you find yourself flummoxed by these protests, I’ll help you get started with a quick thirty minutes of work to find some resources (and there are SO many more) for you:





Bottom line, do some work to try to figure out what the issues are… no assumptions, no more “hey Black America, pull up your bootstraps and work harder — anything is possible in America, if you do this list of 10 things that work for white people” posts.

Why is economic and cultural anxiety an OK excuse for white America to elect an incompetent, narcissistic, racist liar and sexual predator (OR) an OK excuse for Nazis and the “alt-right” and the Confederate flag, but systemic injustice not an OK reason for black NFL players to kneel in protest? Where are the “hey, stop being so angry — pull up your bootstraps and work harder – anything is possible in America” posts for poor white Americans caught in a changing economy?


I am a patient boy.

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