Over two years ago, I launched a site called Relic Scout. It was my first attempt at building a site using Ruby on Rails. Users could enter what they were looking for and the site would monitor eBay to find matches — it was basically eBay saved searches, but in our own walled garden. Turns out, that was a pretty poor idea and we quickly scrapped it.

Fast forward two years, through many talks and idea sessions and MANY late nights of coding, my partner Brian and I rebuilt the site (again using Ruby on Rails and two more years of hacking knowledge) to be open, but also more niche. For our initial launch, we focused strictly on comic book collectors.

So what is Relic Scout now? Relic Scout is the ultimate tool to track down the comics you want. The site allows you to build your want list, then see listings that match what you want, in the condition you want, at the right price. Collectors can buy with confidence.

Today, we’re officially announcing Relic Scout and encouraging people to sign up. If you are a comic collector, please check out the site — we’d love your feedback! If you collect sports cards or US coins & currency, please sign up for our mailing list. (We’re planning support for those areas in the future!) If you don’t collect, but know someone who does, we’d appreciate the word of mouth!

Finally, we are all over social media, so please follow our journey:

Thanks for reading and checking out the site! Extra special thanks to my wife, Melisa, for all of her support and encouragement — I couldn’t have done it without her.



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