Leo Babauta posted three articles this month that have some great tips to start 2016 off on the right foot:

My favorite tip (one that I plan on trying this year to accomplish my Love List):

  1. Monthly challenges with weekly focuses. The problem with a year-long resolution is almost no one can really stay focused for an entire year. But if you break it into monthly challenges, then it’s much more doable. For example, if you want to get into shape, do a January challenge to go for a walk every day, or run three days a week.

To help build habits and reach goals, Leo suggest creating rules or triggered behaviors:

A rule in this case is an action you do after a specific event happens, as consistently as you can, which will lead to your goal happening.

Some examples for different goals:

Write a book: When I turn on my computer, I will shut off the browser and all other programs but my text editor, and write for 20 minutes.

Seventeen great tips to help you declutter your life and get organized, particularly this one I use:

Get yourself organized at the start and end of a day.

At the start of each workday, I review my todo list and calendar to map out the day. Then at the end of the workday, I review the calendar for the next day and move forward anything I didn’t get done to get a head start on tomorrow. So helpful!


I am a patient boy.

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