From Thoughts About Words by Jaimee Newberry:

I shared my talk, “NoExcuses” recently, wherein I made a point about choosing the word MAKE time, instead of FIND time. If you try to find time, you’re more than likely never going to locate it. And if you’re lucky enough to locate it, it’s more than likely not sustainable. When you MAKE time, you own that time for as long as you continue making it. “Making” time implies intention. “Finding” time is passive.

I believe this is the #1 thing holding people (me) from launching side projects, building habits, and getting changes to stick. I need to stop waiting for free/down time to make progress. I need to start making time.

On a related note, how great is the #tinychallenges idea? I am definitely going to use it to help me accomplish more on my Love List.


I am a patient boy.

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