During the last quarter of 2015, I got fed up with maintaining my WordPress install and decided to shut it down and write on Medium.com. I moved over a few of my favorite posts, which proceeded to get a decent bit of traffic (for me), so I was pleased with my decision.

The decision to stop using WordPress after so many years came down to a combination of not writing often enough and dealing with three WordPress hacks (not all the same site) in a short time. At the time, moving to a service liked Medium felt like the right move to make.

Then January rolled around and I started seeing the annual push to revive blogging and personal sites.

Whether it was Ben Brooks or Chris Bowler or Dave Winer, the logic and my love for the web I’ve been using for 21+ years won out and I’m back on self-hosted WordPress. (I will be cross-posting my longer form writing to Medium as well. Not everything, so be sure to subscribe on the right sidebar!)

The fact is, if you enjoy writing, commenting, and sharing online, it should be done primarily on your personal site. Facebook can be a great utility, but it has little interest in your content being found by people outside of the walled garden and has no interest in showing you everything. All of these services (Twitter, Medium, Tumblr, etc.) want all of their (your) content displayed in their environment or in a manner they dictate in order to maximize the potential for ads and sponsored posts.

Dave Winer sums it up best:

We can avoid this, it’s not too late. You have a choice. Post your writing to places other than Medium. And when you see something that’s interesting and not on Medium, give it some extra love. Push it to your friends. Like it on Facebook, RT it on Twitter. Give people more reasons to promote diversity on the web, not just in who we read, but who controls what we read.

Support the open web, support diversity, support personal sites. Let’s make the web great again.


I am a patient boy.

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