Susan Piver, on the natural response of anger, blame, and hatred for those who commit horrific crimes:

One could make a very powerful argument for each of these points. However, so fucking what. At this exact moment, they are all equally unhelpful and have one thing in common that makes them so: each is an effort to block pain. Each is meant to put something, anything between you and the contents of your heart at this exact moment. Blaming Islamists, guns, or politicians may be entirely reasonable and valid, but right now, it doesn’t matter.

Susan advocates for feeling before action: “Allow yourself to be absolutely, irredeemably heartbroken. Weep, sob, rage.” And to send your strength, bravery, peace, and open heartedness to the victims.

via Responding to Violence and Insanity (one Buddhist’s perspective) – Susan Piver.


I am a patient boy.

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