Now that I’ve reviewed last year’s Love List, it’s time to look ahead.

While I think I did well on my 2014 list, there are a few areas I’d like to carry over to my Love List for 2015. Beyond that, there are a handful of things I’d like to try next year. Here’s the list:

  1. Priorities. This will always be #1. My goal is to be mindful of what’s really important and fund those priorities as best I can each day. This includes my marriage, kids, friends, and jobs that pay the bills.
  2. Write more.
  • I averaged 2.6 blog posts per month last year. I would like to boost that to an average of once per week, so 52 total posts in 2015.
  • I would like to journal more in Day One. I am going to set a daily reminder to see if it sticks.
  • Finally, I’d like to take a story idea and turn it into a short graphic novel. Do I have experience or know what I am doing? No. Do I have artistic skills? No. I do think it would be a fun challenge and it would definitely help me learn how to tell stories and flex some creative muscles.
  1. Read more. I’ve cut back on my comic pull list (though it’s still a decent size), so I should be able to start working through my “real” book queue.

  2. Do more work for Eko Wave. I need to devote regular time to this or it won’t happen. I go through spurts of focus, but that hasn’t worked out very well at all. I’d like to personally launch two projects in 2015.

  3. Take better care of my body. Be active daily. Eat better and less. Drink more water. So far, we’ve pretty much converted our eating-at-home menu to vegetarian.

  4. Keep purging “stuff”. Pretty straightforward.

  5. Make more art. I’ve dabbled with photography in the past, as well as drawing on the iPad. I’d like do more creative projects in 2015. Photo walks/hikes, maybe?

  6. Do “Maker” projects with the kids. Over holiday break we took the kids to a Tinkering School event at The Foundry and they loved it. Lucy said it was “much more fun than school” because there were no instructions to follow. Time to find more opportunities to expose the kids to experiences like that!


What does your love list for 2015 look like? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter. I’d love to follow your journey!


I am a patient boy.

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