Each of the last few years I’ve spent some time documenting and tracking my love list.

Love List: A fluid list of things you want to start or spend more time doing in the new year.

The process begins with a review at the end of the year, as I look back at what I accomplished, learned, and want to improve on in the coming year.

At the start of 2014, I wrote down 8 things:

  1. Continue to be on top of my priorities & make sure I fund them. No procrastination.

    Review: Overall I feel this was a success. The biggest area of focus for this item was my marriage. The Mrs. and I put a serious amount of work into our relationship over the last couple years, to reconnect and build a better relationship. I feel like that work paid off this year.

    Other aspects include the kids, work, and personal projects. I don’t feel as successful in these areas, even though there was much success. The kids are certainly growing up fast, turning into three smart, confident young ladies. I completed my first full year in my new career as a UX professional and made great improvements during that time. I launched my first built-from-scratch Ruby on Rails project through my side business, as well as helped my good friend re-launch a website and kickstart a new project. I certainly got a lot done, even if deep down I know I can do better. I really need to figure out what that means for 2015.

  2. Launch three Eko Wave sites. Two may be coming fairly soon, I hope.

    Review: We completed one, which is going through a process of re-imagining, while another is slowly moving toward launch. We certainly have a ton of ideas. Our biggest problem is figuring out which opportunity is the right one to focus on. Certainly an area of improvement in 2015.

  3. Write more. This will involve journaling in Day One and blogging, which is one of the reasons I just switched to using Anchor for this blog. It’s so easy to add posts.)

    Review: I am still writing here (32 posts in 2014), with a couple of diversions and tinkering (I moved from Anchor to Squarespace and back to WordPress during 2014!) I want to write more, so this will be a focus in 2015 as well.

  4. Read more, but less noise. I need to re-visit my RSS and content consumption strategy to figure out where I need to be to get the most value.

    Review: I read a ton of comic books and graphic novels in 2014. Not much in the way of books, but I do have a few in progress, as well as a lengthy queue. My RSS reader is constantly being tuned and I feel pretty good about that now. I’ve cut back on Twitter and Facebook usage, which has really helped with the noise.

  5. Exercise more. On everyone’s new year list ever, I suppose.

    Review: I’ve made an effort to move more and since moving to a standing desk I rarely sit down during the work week. Serious exercise is few and far between, however. One positive achievement is walking our brand new (in 2014) dog: I take him on daily walks during the work week. That has been a big help.

  6. Drink more water. I am starting out with a daily goal of 64 ounces and working my way up to 100. I’ve been tracking my intake for a month and you’d be surprised how little water I drank in the past.

    Review: I’ve been tracking this the entire year. I did well until recently. I was in the 64 to 100 ounce range every day, until the last few months. I’ve been working to get back in habit — I have no idea what caused me to break the habit though!

  7. Keep purging “stuff”. Less is more!

    Review: we continue to make strides through garage and consignment sales. I plan to keep this on my list for 2015 as well. It’s a never-ending challenge.

  8. Eat less. Portions are my down fall.

    Review: overall I’ve made improvements, but I still feel like I go overboard a little too often. Between this item, the standing desk, and daily dog walks I’ve lost like 10 pounds since early 2014. A success, but I also know I can do better with more consistent, serious exercise.

Overall, I am pretty happy with how 2014 turned out. Things happened a little slower than I planned, but in the end I made positive steps in all the areas I wanted to focus on in 2014. Looking forward to 2015, I want to focus on the improvement areas I mentioned above, as well as some new ideas and goals I’m considering. I’ll leave those details for my 2015 Love List post. Stay tuned!

How did you do on your 2014 love list or resolutions?


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