Over the past few weeks I had the pleasure of helping Chris Fritton, a good friend of over 30 years(!), on his next project: The Itinerant Printer. Over the last bunch of years Chris has helped build WNYBAC into a local treasure, as well as create/run/one-man-show the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair.

In 2015, Chris will be traveling around the country, visiting letterpress shops, building community, and documenting his journey via prints, postcards, blog posts, pictures, and much more. To do this, however, he needs our support!

In exchange for your donation, you can become a part of the project! As a supporter, you will be on the receiving end of his output on the road — receiving unique postcards or prints created with each shops unique collection. It will certainly make visits from your local mail person that much more exciting!

For more information, check out his teaser video below, then head over to itinerantprinter.com or donate to his Indiegogo campaign.



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