You’ve all seen those viral posts on Facebook or Twitter: a frustrated parent writing to a math teacher about Common Core math. On the face of it, the math problems and methods seem ridiculous. We (adults) all learned math a certain way and we’re comfortable dealing with that method. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?!  The problem is, as points out in the linked article below, American adults are horrible at math. has an excellent explanation of the how and why behind Common Core math.

 One goal of the Common Core math standards is to make American students better at applying math in real life — a skill that’s crucial for science and technology jobs, but one at which American students are particularly weak compared with peers around the world.

My three daughters will, most likely, know nothing but this “new math” during their educational career and I am grateful for that — I believe it fosters a deeper understanding of math concepts and problem solving. Both are things we very much want for them.

There’s plenty that they can improve about Common Core, but the new way to teach math isn’t one of them.


I am a patient boy.

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