From Seth Godin’s blog post on slacktivism:

According to recent data about the ice bucket challenge making the rounds, more than 90% of the people mentioning it (posting themselves being doused or passing on the word) didn’t make a donation to support actual research on an actual disease. Sounds sad, no?

Truly sad. I get raising awareness and that a lot of money has been donated, but for a vast majority of people it seems like a classic case of slacktivism. I think it’s especially valid when awareness reaches a critical mass. Once that point has been hit, additional “awareness” has less of an impact if donations are not increasing at the same rate as the meme.

My wife and I were challenged and didn’t respond with a video or immediate donation, so with that said we will be donating today to the following organizations:

  • charity:water: If, based on the estimates from the NY Times article above, a few million people did the Ice Bucket Challenge, that’s a million plus gallons of water wasted. With the drought in the western U.S. and the fact that over a billion people have no access to clean drinking water, that seems kind of dumb.
  • MS Society: for my sister and the two million plus people that have the disease globally.
  • Lupus Foundation of America: for my mom, grandfather, and a million plus people that have the disease globally.
  • ALS Association: for inspiring a lot of people to make donations to a cause.

Will you join me in making a donation to a cause that means something to you? No video necessary.

Updated 8/19 with additional thoughts on awareness.


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