I wrote a little bit on the concept of Make, Do last month, which centers around this basic idea:

Make with your best effort, and do what you can. Don’t let the possibility of what could be deter you from forward progress.

I’ve been doing my best to focus all of my energy on that idea, in all aspects of my life.

One area that I’ve become more interested in over the last year or two is art — especially the act of making my own art through drawing on my iPad. It’s very challenging in a sense, because beyond that one class I took in high school, I have no artistic training or much experience at all really.

I do like the calming feeling of drawing, however, and it definitely helps me to feel creative in other areas of my life. Creativity begets creativity, I guess!

Anyway, one of the goals I had was to do a picture of my wife, and with Valentine’s Day coming up I figured no better time than now. So I spent that last week or two working on a watercolor and pencil drawing of her based on a picture I took of her while we were in a Rochester, NY coffee house last year.

You can see the end result above. It’s not the most amazing thing ever, but I am pretty happy with how it came out.

Here’s to many more years of growing together, Melisa. I love you so much.


I am a patient boy.

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