Leo at Zen Habits has a great take on the act of living in the moment. He calls it the Stateless Mindset.

It all starts with our way of life:

We are constantly holding information, frustration, ideas, tension, requests, needs, of a thousand different requests each day. Every email, every call, every text message, every open browser tab, every interaction with another person, every task we do … it all builds up in us until we are overloaded.

And turning that into statelessness by treating each moment like a blank slate:

Try letting go of all previous moments, right now. Try making the present moment all there is. When you feel a previous request or idea pulling at your attention, let it go.

From my own experience, there’s certainly something Zen and calming about taking each moment as it is and living in it completely.

Regardless of what it is: focusing on the kids, your work project, the dishes, being on social media, whatever. Do that thing and only that thing. Enjoy it and live it, rather than trying to check off as many todo’s as possible in your brain.

Single tasking FTW.


I am a patient boy.

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