Love List


  1. A fluid list of things you want to start or spend more time doing in the new year. For past examples, see 2013 and 2012.

Prior to looking back at last year’s list, I thought for sure I didn’t do well. But I did — mainly due to picking things I was already committed to because they were important to me.

Some things I didn’t quite get to, like the master bedroom makeover (we did buy a new bed frame and do some serious reorganization, so it is much nicer at least.) I also didn’t eat vegetarian for an entire month, but we did eat vegetarian meals much more often. And finally the kids book is something I still want to work on, but it’s also something that is going to be insanely time consuming. Someday.

I did pretty darn well on the rest. I’ll write up a recap of 2013 soon to cover more of the year in detail.

Anyway, since we’re already past New Year’s Day, here’s my Love List for 2014:

  1. Continue to be on top of my priorities & make sure I fund them. No procrastination.
  2. Launch three Eko Wave sites. Two may be coming fairly soon, I hope.
  3. Write more. This will involve journaling in Day One and blogging, which is one of the reasons I just switched to using Anchor for this blog. It’s so easy to add posts.)
  4. Read more, but less noise. I need to re-visit my RSS and content consumption strategy to figure out where I need to be to get the most value.
  5. Exercise more. On everyone’s new year list ever, I suppose.
  6. Drink more water. I am starting out with a daily goal of 64 ounces and working my way up to 100. I’ve been tracking my intake for a month and you’d be surprised how little water I drank in the past.
  7. Keep purging “stuff”. Less is more!
  8. Eat less. Portions are my down fall.

Happy New Year everyone. Please feel free to share your resolutions, love list, etc. in the comments.


I am a patient boy.

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