Patrick Rhone shares an awesome insight on the general messiness of life:

The mess is something we generally reserve for only our closest friends and trusted sources. The mess is the imperfections we know others know but would only reveal to those willing to forgive us for it.

Yet the mess is the very essence of creation. The planets and stars and life itself is born of chaos and disorder and confusion.

The mess is a crucial part of making anything good or worthwhile. If it’s not messy, if it doesn’t feel a little chaotic or not entirely planned out, it probably isn’t something you should spend a lot of time on or care about. Yes, that is really scary, but it’s also what drives passion, interest, and that feeling of being alive.

A worthwhile life is this chaos and the choices you make to navigate it, alongside those people that are closest and most meaningful to you. The people that forgive you for your mess and you theirs.


I am a patient boy.

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