There are a ton of iPhone 5 reviews in the tech press, so I won’t bore you with too many specifics, but the overall experience (compared to the iPhone 4) has been so positive, I felt I had to share something.

So, what stands out to me? A couple of base features have huge upgrades:

  • Phone speed: SO much faster than the iPhone 4.
  • Camera quality
  • LTE. Wow, no idea how it compares to Verizon LTE, but I’m very pleased with AT&T’s LTE speed in Buffalo. It would be incredibly easy to blow through a ton of data with this phone.
  • Battery life. I saw a big increase over a nearly two year old iPhone 4. Obviously I can’t compare new phones, but this to me is impressive given the three items above.
  • So thin and so light. It really feels fake.
  • The larger screen. I really enjoy the apps that have been updated to utilize the larger screen real estate.

New (to me) things:

  • Siri. Use it and love it. Especially now that apps (like AnyList and Omnifocus) can tie into Reminders lists.
  • Facebook integration. Yes, probably a surprise, but the biggest benefit to me is I can now upload photos and the very occasional status update without visiting the site or installing the app. Yes, I know I am doing social media wrong, but it is SO nice. I can keep family members up-to-date and not have to wade into the time suck.
  • Panorama mode in the camera. So cool.
  • Starting with a blank slate (did not restore my old phone backup)

I loved starting with a blank slate. I had over four screens worth of apps on my old phone, with many in folders. Starting over allowed me to add apps slowly and purposefully. And with iCloud, Google, and Dropbox I barely lost a thing. Now I only have two screens and not many in folders.

Over at MacStories, Federico Viticci did the same:

As I said above, last week I set up my iPhone 5. I had an iCloud backup from my iPhone 4S, but I decided to start with a so-called “clean install” — meaning, no iCloud restore. It’s not that I don’t like restoring all my settings and apps with iCloud: the feature does indeed work as advertised. But partially because of a self-imposed belief that iOS “gets slower over time” and a personal tradition of using new devices with new data, I preferred to set up my iPhone manually, without restoring any backup.

And to tell the truth, I quite enjoyed the process.


p id=”yui_3_17_2_1_1407674114902_735451″>I too really enjoyed the process. And the phone. I highly recommend the upgrade if you currently have the iPhone 4. I can certainly see holding off if you have the 4S, but compared to the 4 the benefits are huge.


I am a patient boy.

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