Today was Lucy’s first day of kindergarten! She was so excited and all business — she practically grew up overnight. Lucy matter of factly declared she had no time for playing any longer, nor any need for her “baby” or sucking her thumb… she was a kindergartner now.

The day started off with a 6am wake up for the entire family — planned for the adults and driven by excitement for the girls. The extra time allowed us to be ready with plenty of time to spare. We made it to the bus stop for Lucy’s first bus ride with enough time to chat with neighborhood friends and learn about her new school.

“Zoey, your hair looks like an old bag.” — Lucy (out of the blue) to Zoey this AM

Then the bus arrived and before I could blink, she was on the bus and sitting next to a neighborhood friend. I couldn’t believe it. I had envisioned pictures of her posing next to the bus door, a big hug goodbye, and maybe a tear or two shed… but it was over before I even knew it — her confidence and friends guided her on the bus. A little foreshadowing of the future, I suppose.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!” — Zoey’s response

With that part of the morning complete, the twins and I jumped back in our van and I drove them to their first day of universal pre-K in the Ken-Ton school district. We arrived at the school a little early, so I ignored instrusctions to stay outside, so I could take the girls in and grab some photos before the other parents arrived in the classroom. Once again, the girls’ experience with school (they attended a really great pre-school in downtown Buffalo last year) quickly turned me into an after thought. As soon as we hung up their backpacks they were at their table and coloring, barely even lifting their heads to say goodbye.

I thoroughly enjoyed the ease of the morning, but had mixed emotions about the reality of this new stage in their life. I was proud they were so confident, excited, and ready for school (we must of have done something right!), but also a little sad. I knew the day would come when I wasn’t quite needed so much any more, but to have all three take a leap forward in a single day took me by surprise. And to think — this is just the start.


I am a patient boy.

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