So the final piece I have been working on is never telling people I am busy. Because no, I am not busy. Yes, I have a lot of stuff to do, but I leave it at the office after work and on the weekends. I have many things I am interested in, but I can always make room for something if it is worth doing.

Rather than say: “I am too busy, I don’t have any time for X.” I realize I can be honest and say I am not interested enough in X to do it.

EVERYONE has a lot of stuff to do because there IS a lot of stuff to do. Some of it is work. Some of it is hanging out with your family. Some of it is just laying on the couch reading a book.

Andre Torrez (co-founder of Simpleform and MLKSHK) has a great, honest approach to directing his time and attention. It’s the same approach I’ve been taking over the last few months. It’s hard to do when there is money involved, but it’s been a refreshing change for me.


I am a patient boy.

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