In his recent post, Be Fierce With Your Time, Jonathan Fields writes:

There simply aren’t enough hours to get everything done.
Which is precisely why you shouldn’t even try.
Life’s not about getting everything done.

He goes on to recommend picking those things that (potentially) make the biggest impact and stripping out the rest (or finding someone else to do it).

This really fits what I’ve thought about since my last post on time management and busyness:

There will always be more work to do, but there won’t always be time to spend with those you love.

I am not sure if I read this quote somewhere and it stuck or if I came up with it on my own. Regardless, it resonates and drives a lot of my recent decisions.

It’s the approach I take to my day job. Unless there is something urgent that is due today (and even in that situation, if the project plan was correct, scoped accurately, and I managed my time well, it will be done on the due date by the end of the standard work day), I check out at the end of my scheduled time and don’t think about work again until the next morning.

It’s the approach I take with side projects: I turn down anything that doesn’t excite me or have high potential. It isn’t fun to turn away money, but if the project doesn’t meet those guidelines, I’ve found they generally become those projects you wish you didn’t take a month or so into the process.

It’s why I spend so much time thinking about productivity and using technology to improve my work flow. (I’ll write more on that soon.)

And, finally, it’s why I have the pleasure of spending so much quality time with my wife and kids. That’s what life is about, right?


I am a patient boy.

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