With 2012 half way over, I wanted to take a few minutes to post another state of the blog update. I’m not up to 10 months and 84 posts for an average of twice per week. Not too bad.

Some days I am still surprised at the number of folks who read what I write for this site. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who visits. It means a lot to me!

RSS Subscribers

Peak: 63 (after I combined both my tumblelog feed with the .org feed)

Current: 29

I’m a little disappointed this number went down since my last update, but Feedburner stats are so wonky I have very little confidence this number is accurate anyway. I am thankful 29 people know what RSS is and want to read my posts, however.

Plug: if you do use RSS (and haven’t subscribed already), why don’t you hit the RSS subscription link on my site and add it to your feed reader? And if you don’t do RSS, why not try the email subscription or Twitter links instead?


  • 909 unique visitors to the site since August
  • 1,747 total visits
  • 4,244 pageviews
  • Peak Day: February 6th, 2012 59 visits

Monthly Visits

  • August: 120
  • September: 108
  • October: 128
  • November: 57
  • December: 125
  • January: 157
  • February: 170
  • March: 209
  • April: 241
  • May: 176
  • June: 196

Overall, 2012 has been pretty good to this blog. And April was really good, specifically.

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I am a patient boy.

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