Here’s the lineup for the Revelation Records 25th Anniversary shows in NYC (Irving Plaza) this October 11 to 14th:


  • texas is the reason
  • underdog
  • shades apart
  • gameface
  • on the might of princes


  • chain of strength
  • mouthpiece
  • damnation
  • curl up and die


  • chain of strength
  • bold
  • battery
  • shai hulud


  • into another
  • supertouch
  • youth of today
  • iceburn

$46 a night or 160 for a 4 night pass… tickets on sale this Friday, July 13th.

I really hope more bands are added for that price. Who else would you like to see? Just scrolling through the Rev bands, I’d be interested in (no particular order): Burn, Kiss it Goodbye, GB, Quicksand, Farside, Dag Nasty, Judge, Orange 9mm, Sparkmarker, and Statue. One can hope, at least.

Who’s going?


I am a patient boy.

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