Hello, July. Nice to see you again. Time for a Love List update!

Last month I mentioned being overwhelmed in May, so I wanted to give a few updates on things I mentioned: I finally finished up my big freelance project (yeah!) and the day job change unexpectedly didn’t work out. That was disappointing, but I’m kind of glad things turned out the way they did considering how it all went down. Anyway, long story short is I am starting July feeling relieved and ready to get things done.

So how did June turn out?

Love List Items I Accomplished:

  • Got things done! Had to re-prioritize some things, but everything I needed to get done, I did.
  • Move my career forward. This is still unfolding, but promising changes are on the horizon.
  • Exercised. Not as much as I want, but I did do a few long-ish bike rides, ran a few times, and I was generally more active.
  • Purge stuff. Two garage sales! We had our block sale and another one (since the block sale got washed out) a few weeks later. Sold a ton, donated a ton, and made $400+.
  • Saw Prometheus, Madagascar 3 and Moonrise Kingdom. Liked the first and the last. Madagascar 3 had some laughs, but overall wasn’t that great.
  • Blogged. 10 posts in June.(Best post: Being a Dad)

The rest, not so much. Overall, I feel like I got a lot done, considering.

With the second half of the year in front of us, I am going to review the Love List concept and figure out how I want to proceed. I’ll work out those details in the next week or so and post an update.

I’ve been thinking about doing a monthly habit (or 30-day challenge) where I focus on one specific thing and try to implement it is as lasting habit. I kind of feel like the Love List concept is a little too un-focused in a “throw a bunch of spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks” kind of way.

How are your Love List or New Years resolutions coming along?


I am a patient boy.

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