So May, I feel like I barely got a chance to know you. Seriously. Where did you go?

Between family stuff (four birthdays, family visits, etc.), trying to move my web app idea forward, an unexpected windfall of freelance projects, and some possible changes at my day job, I feel like I didn’t get much done this month. Other than feeling overwhelmed, of course.

Things I did do off my Love List:

  • Blog (10 posts in May, with the highlights being The New Reality and The best and worst things about the Web
  • Saw The Avengers (loved it)
  • Took lots of photos (not many public facing, at this point.)
  • Read a book (#4 – Made to Stick), although I am still one book behind pace.
  • Purge stuff. We are starting to prepare for our June 9th block sale. Can’t wait for it to be here.

The rest? Not so much. But I think I am OK with that…

I read a great Seth Godin post this past month. The money quote:

For the marketer, the freelancer and the entrepreneur, the challenge is to level set, to be comfortable with the undone, with the cycle of never-ending. We were trained to finish our homework, our peas and our chores. Today, we’re never finished, and that’s okay.
It’s a dance, not an endless grind.

It’s important to be OK with what you don’t get done. There will always be something. What I need to do in June, after spending most of May overwhelmed, is to reset and focus on a small number of things. To do good work and be productive again.

I’m ready.


I am a patient boy.

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