May! Is this year flying by or what?

I’ve got a good feeling about May. I have my birthday (turn 36), Lucy’s birthday (she turns five), and my dad’s birthday this month. I’m ready to challenge myself through exercise via a work-sponsored 8 week challenge that begins in a couple weeks. The big purge starts this month too, as we prep for a June block sale. Not to mention Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. It is going to be a busy month!

Here’s a quick update on my Love List progress.

Things I’ve done well so far:

  • Kept on top of my priorities. (I’ve also not procrastinated on any important task in three months. I’ve been fairly productive at work and even made an improvement on the home front. And most importantly, I’ve kept the wife and kids as the top funded priority.)
  • Blog once per week. (Nine posts in April.)
  • Re-connect with friends. (Hung out with Chris a few times during April.)
  • See more movies. (Movies in the theater, I’ve seen recently: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, twice, The Muppets, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Mission Impossible, John Carter, Hunger Games, and Mirror Mirror. The Avengers in May!)

Works in progress:

  • Spontaneous weekend trip. (We set one up, but kids got sick so we had to postpone. Not so spontaneous any longer, so will have to try again.)
  • Take more photos. (I’ve taken more, but not a significant number. Started using Instagram more to share them, so follow me there too. My username is endonend.)
  • Read one book per month. (Finished book #3 in April and have to read two books for work in May so I will be back on pace at that point.)
  • Go camping. (Reservations made!)
  • Create an app. (Modified this one to include web apps. I started working on a new idea in April. I have a name and some basic screens mocked up. A lot more progress will have to happen in May.)
  • Go bowling. (Nothing in April.)
  • Purge stuff. (Nothing in April. We have a block sale in June so we will start prepping for that in May.)

FAIL or Starting Later

  • Exercise. (Total fail in April. I did sign up for an eight week challenge through my work today and I got a new hybrid road bike to commute to work, so I should see a lot of improvement in May.)
  • Go to more shows. (Nothing yet.)
  • Move my career forward. (No progress yet, however I did get a raise in April.)
  • Meditate every week. (Not much at all in April, but more than March.)


  • Blog design. (Designed my blog logo in March. Calling it a day on this one. I am happy with the current setup, so it’s not worth spending much more time on this item.)

I am a patient boy.

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