I’ve been doing this blog for just over 7 months now, which is amazing to me. It definitely doesn’t feel like that long. The time has flown by!

Even though I’m mainly doing this for my own sanity, I wanted to do a little recap of how the site is doing. Obviously it’s encouraging when other people read your words and react positively (either by commenting, subscribing, or just coming back.)

Thanks to everyone who reads what I write or share. It means a lot to me!

RSS Subscribers

Peak: 63 (after I combined both my tumblelog feed with the .org feed) Current: 34

So thankful for this number. I’ve never had this kind of subscriber level with any other version of my blog.


  • 517 unique visitors to the site since August
  • 1,044 total visits
  • 3,105 pageviews
  • Peak Day: February 6th, 2012 59 visits

Monthly Visits

  • August: 120
  • September: 108
  • October: 128
  • November: 57
  • December: 125
  • January: 157
  • February: 170
  • March: 181 (through today)

A very nice trend!

Most Popular Posts (by unique pageviews)

I am planning on doing something similar every few months to track my progress, as well as to give me an opportunity to thank everyone who visits, reads, and comments.

Thanks again everyone!


I am a patient boy.

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