February is in the books. Can’t believe it’s March already. I am so excited for Spring and warmer weather!

I just wanted to post a quick update on my Love List progress.

Things I’ve done well so far:

  • Kept on top of my priorities. (I’ve also not procrastinated on any important task in two months. I’ve been very productive at work and on most regular home tasks. And most importantly, I’ve kept the wife and kids as the top funded priority.)
  • Blog once per week. (Matched 8 posts from January.)
  • Re-connect with friends. (Spent a lot of time working on the new WNYBAC site with Chris during February. The new site just launched yesterday!)

Works in progress:









  • Spontaneus weekend trip. (We set one up, but kids got sick so we had to postpone. Not so spontaneous any longer, so will have to try again.)
  • Take more photos. (I’ve taken more, but not a significant number and mainly only the kids.)
  • Read one book per month. (Finished Steve Jobs. On to book #2, although I didn’t make much progress in February. Need to pick up the pace!)
  • Go camping. (Reservations made!)
  • Meditate every week. (Did much more in February, but not consistently.)
  • Create an iPhone app. (Made a little progress, but not substantial.)
  • Go bowling. (Nothing in February.)
  • See more movies. (Movies in the theater, I’ve seen recently: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, twice, The Muppets, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Mission Impossible. Nothing in February. A few good movies are opening in March though!)
  • Purge stuff. (We unloaded like 15 bags of stuff to the Salvation Army in January. Nothing in February. More to come!)

FAIL or Starting Later




  • Exercise. (Almost every other day for most of January. Total fail in February.)
  • Go to more shows. (A few good shows are coming up in March!)
  • Move my career forward. (No progress yet.)
  • Blog design. (Re-launched blog on new engine in January. No progress in February. Design is next!)

Overall, February was a little disappointing. I moved a few things forward a lot, but most were in the “very small progress” category. I’m energized to start March, though, so I am expecting lots of good things this month.


I am a patient boy.

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