Julien Smith asks 6 great questions for the New Year:

  • Do you know which five opinions of yours, right now, are 100% wrong? So the first step in all of this is to consider that it’s possible that you are wrong – not a little, but a lot– in fact, that you’re fucking everything up and that you need a wakeup call.
  • Hey, so how’s that method working out for you? Get out of your usual habits and do something different or you will get nowhere.
  • Do you know what effort feels like? When was the last time you felt that you had to do something, because you knew it was important, but it was too much work, too much emotional labour, and further, even if you did do it, you don’t even know how? Then, how did it feel when you did it anyway? Yes, exactly.
  • When was the last time you questioned your direction? Go do something you actually care about – trust me, I’ve had enough conversations with successful yet miserable people
  • How are you going to be changing the world? If you had to leave something behind, if you were going to die and be entirely forgotten but could change one thing, what one thing would that be?
  • Why would you work on anything else but what actually matters?

A great post to read if you are feeling stuck or sick of your resolutions failing every year.


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