Instead of new year’s resolutions, I am going to make a love list. I got the idea from the blog Be More With Less and basically it’s a list of things you would love to do or start in the new year.

The list is fluid and will change as my life changes. I’m not going to judge myself if some of these don’t get completed. I am going to put this list somewhere so I see it every day and spend at least part of my day moving one or more of these forward. And then at the end of 2012 I will do a retrospective to see how far I’ve come on these items.

“Success will never be a big step in the future; success is a small step taken just now.” ~Jonatan Mårtensson

My 2012 List

  • Be on top of my priorities & make sure I fund them. No procrastination.
  • Re-connect with friends.
  • Move my career forward.
  • Create an iPhone app. I have an idea and I think it’s a good one. Time to make that happen.
  • Exercise or Yoga 3 times per week.
  • Purge “stuff”.
  • Meditate every week.
  • Read one book per month.
  • Blog once per week.
  • Go on a spontaneous weekend trip.
  • Create my blog design.
  • Go camping at least twice.
  • Take more photos.
  • See more movies.
  • Go to more shows.
  • Go bowling more often.
  • Complete the 21-day Happiness Challenge

Do you have a love list for the new year? Please share!


I am a patient boy.

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