I finally got to see the Pixies last night with my amazing, loving wife (and serious Pixies fan)!

It was an amazing show, as the Pixies played the entire Doolittle album, as well as some b-sides from that era and some of their most popular songs from other albums. The Doolittle segment featured a backdrop of song-specific video made especially for the tour — a complete audio/visual experience.

It was great in another sense too, as it was a connection between our past and present. From making many mix tapes for Melisa, chock full of their songs, to sitting in my bedroom during the high school years, obsessively listening to Surfer Rosa while attempting to learn songs like Gigantic on my guitar. The show brought back those memories, as well as many other Pixies related memories over the years.

Despite the expensive tickets and re-entering life on like 5 hours of sleep today, it was all worth it. Creating amazing new memories with someone you really care about, that build off some of the best times of your life, is something you can never pass up regardless of the cost.


I am a patient boy.

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