The web is vast. Billions of pages. Endless information, entertainment, opportunities…

To help with the overload, I’ve decided to simplify my decision making with sites. So going forward, I will no longer:

  • Read paginated articles. Make your site compelling and I’ll visit other pages to boost your impressions — I’m not going to click to another page every 4 paragraphs though!
  • Sign up for sites that require a single service, like Facebook, to register. Sorry, I won’t be locked in to a service I might want to quit some day.
  • Follow sites that don’t offer full content RSS feeds. I’ll click through if I want to comment. Otherwise throw an ad or feed sponsorship into your RSS if you want to get money for my views.
  • Click past interstitial ads to get to the site’s content. Would you visit a store that popped up a wall of advertisements in front of you when you walked in? Nope.

All of these nuisances ruin flow on the web and make the web more complicated than it needs to be…

Have I missed any that bug you?


I am a patient boy.

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