A new domain. A new blog. A new purpose.

I’ve been blogging at end-on-end.com since at least 2004 (seven plus years — wow!), mainly about family, technology, music and politics, although I never had a singular theme or focus. But that’s what personal blogs are meant for, right? Today, I’m launching this new blog with a more focused approach: still personal, but through the lens of mindfulness, as my wife and I (and 3 kids too, I suppose) discover and explore Buddhist philosophy and thought. We plan on writing longer form pieces on our journey, sharing our experiences and what we learn along the way.

I’ve been very interested in Buddhism since freshman year of college (1994-95), but never spent an extended time focusing on applying it to my life. That all changed recently, though. We’ve had an interesting year so far, with what seems like crisis after crisis in our life. Some have hit really close to home, but many had to do with people close to us and we were heavily invested in the event. The sum total of all this took a heavy toll on us emotionally and physically. Almost to the breaking point. Thankfully, something along the way sparked both of us to start reading Buddhism-related books: my wife started reading a few Dalai Lama books on happiness and I started reading Mindfulness in Plan English.

After that, many great conversations ensued between the two of us and we started noticing Buddhism more and more in our life. From Dan and Merlin talking about Buddhism on the Back to Work podcast to the two pieces of Zen art we received from a Buddhist monk while we lived in Seattle (one of them features the Ensō symbol you see on this blog) — it was practically everywhere we looked. So we decided to keep exploring and start applying it to our life. Our happiness has definitely improved since that point.

Yeah, the crises have seemed to stop for the time being, but we’re also making more of an effort to live in the moment and be mindful of each other and the kids, so we focus on the things that we care about most. That’s where this site comes in… I already loved the End On End name and domain, since I used a version of it for the other blog. I thought the name fit well with the concept for this site and even the Enso symbol we have hanging in our house, so I decided it was time to start.

I really hope you decide to stick around and share this journey with us!


I am a patient boy.

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